last stitch wont tighten?

Hi i need help. I’m making my bestfriend a ravenclaw scarf and this is my first time knitting. I’m only 13. I’m only using cheap yarn and sharpened chopsticks because this will be the first and last time I knit. So, my problem is that after I do the cast on, I have to like… transfer the stitches to the other needle right? well I did that and at the end, the last stitch, it ends up looking like this

I cant tighten it anymore. The loop womt tighten on the needle and I’m scared that I might have to start all over again. Her bday is in 3 days. Please help

Hi and welcome! You have to knit them from one needle to the other needle. Are you using a pattern or just striping the colors?
Here’s some beginner videos for learning to knit.

what do you mean striping the colors?

I just mean changing colors every so often…say every 20 rows or something. I think Ravenclaw is blue and silver/gray?