Last question for this project

I got the right side all done and now for the left side it said to reversing the shape. When it said for the right to St st for two rows. Should I purl and than knit. or not and when I have increase on the other end. I am right handed.

In reversing the shape they mean, where it said to [for example] decrease two stitches on the right side of the knitting, they now mean decrease two stitches on the left side of the knitting.

Try to picture in your head looking at a sweater/cardigan. You are now essentially repeating the first side you made but making a near mirror image.

Does that help? If not, I’ll stay on a bit longer and see if you need more explanation!

That is what I thought that it would be. Thank you very much.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: Just stayed to check :wink: