Last Pair of Clogs and a Coronet

Christmas presents are DONE!!! I knit up and felted the last pair of FT clogs for my brother. They’re still a bit damp and I think a little large. I didn’t want to make them too small, so I’ll mail them with directions on how to finish felting them down to size.

I as at a loss as to wahat to knit his girlfriend. I just didn’t feel like making another pair of Endpaper Mitts right now. Then I saw [B]brainbounce’s[/B] Coronet hat and remembered how pretty it was. I made one for my mom last year.

So Voila! Last night I knit up a Coronet from some Glaway Heather I had in my stash.

(sidebar: how much do I looooove my new camera!:heart: :heart: )

I’m gonna box these up and send them off to Wyoming on Wednesday.

The clogs and the hat look great. Congrats on finishing!

Love the hat! Both look great!

Nice job on both!

Lovely job on both presents. I am sure they will both be thrilled!

Congrats!! Both projects are awesome!! LOVE the colors for the clogs and the hat is very pretty!!

Wow, great job on both! I love the colors you chose for the clogs! And the hat is beautiful – I’m sure she’ll love it!

I just love the hat x

:thumbsup: They look great!

Another one here who loves the clog colors and the pretty hat. :slight_smile:

Those look wonderful!! I’m sure they will fit in perfectly with a Wyoming lifestyle.

They look great! I love the cable on that hat!!!
So are you going to tell us about your new camera?! I want to get a new one. Mine is about 7 years old now and I’m ready for a new one! :wink: