Last-Minute Knitted Gifts booties--help me!


I’ve been working on the angora baby booties from the book, “Last Minute Knitted Gifts.” They are quite possibly the easiest booties I have ever knitted, but the last part of the instructions (when I start the cuff) is where I’m getting confused.

I do a 3 needle bind-off for the heel, so at this point, I have 1 live stitch on the back of the heel and 6 stitches on hold for the instep. That part I got, but then she says “with RS facing, pick up and knit 8 sts along garter st selvedge.” My question is on what side of the bootie do I start to pick up stitches? Does it matter?

Here’s my next problem: after you have picked up all stitches, there are 9 on the first needle, 6 on the instep needle, nd 8 on the third needle. The pattern then reads:

Row1: Working on the first needle (the one with 9 sts), k2tog, p1 [k1, p1] 3 times to end of needle, turn.

So now I’m going to be working on the wrong side next, right?

Row 2: [k1, p1] 8 times–22 sts…

So now I’ve worked my way all the way around and I’m back to working on the RS, right?

Row 3: Turn, repeat row 2 along 16 sts.

According to row 4, I should be working on the wrong side (inside) of the booties now.

Row 4: Turn,[k1, p1] 8 times, work [k1, p1] 3 times across 6 instep sts. Continue in the round on all 22 sts, nd work 4 rounds of k1, p1 rib as established.

Here’s what I do not understand. It seems like I’d be knitting in the round from the inside of the booties, which doesn’t sound right to me. Or does it matter since I’m doing k1, p1 ribbing?

And last question: I ALWAYS seem to get little holes on each side of my socks or booties, where the cuff meets right above the foot (not sure what this is called). It’s like I missed stitch somewhere, but I know I hven’t. Is there anyway to correct this?

Thank you in advance to everyone!