Last Minute Challenge! Dulaan Project

[CENTER][SIZE=4]Anybody want to knit something [/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][U]QUICKLY[/U] for charity?[/SIZE]
[B][COLOR=red]I CHALLENGE you to join me in making one or two items, and mail it to be received before the July 1 deadline!!![/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

The Dulaan Project needs WARM knitted clothing for Mongolia’s impoverished people. In the wintertime, it gets to 40 degrees BELOW zero in that area.

The deadline for them to receive your knitted item is JULY 1ST!!!

[CENTER][COLOR=red][U][B]That gives you a couple weeks to make something.[/B][/U][/COLOR][/CENTER]

Their most urgent need right now is for [B]ADULT[/B] sized clothing.
(Hats, Sweaters, Mittens, Scarves, Gloves, Socks, Neck Gaiters.)

Here is the address to mail your items:

[B]The Dulaan Project[/B]
[B]107 N. San Francisco St., Studio 4[/B]
[B]Flagstaff, AZ 86001[/B]

Follow the guidelines for mailing on this PDA document.

This would be a great way to make use of some hand-knitted items that don’t fit properly. Give it to those that NEED it!

[COLOR=blue][B]I plan on sending a sweater I made that was too small for me. :thumbsup: [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=blue][B]I’m also sending the alpaca neck-warmer I made. And I’m knitting a couple hats and a scarf to send as well.[/B][/COLOR]

Here are some QUICK projects you can make:

Chunky Ribbed Hat (made with straight needles)

Thick & Quick Basic Beenie Hat (made with DPNs)

Worsted Weight Mittens (made with DPNs)

EZ Knit EZ Fit Tube Socks (made with DPNs)

I can’t help myself… I’ll take the challenge! :cheering: I enjoy knitting for charity so this is good. I will see what yarn I can use from my stash. Can’t wait to get started!

More quick patterns:

Super Chunky Big Wool Ribbed Scarf

Very Warm Hat

My Favorite Fast THICK Reversible Scarf


:muah: BLESS YOU!!! :muah:

I’m in!! I may only be able to knit one thing, but I will knit something!

Thanks for the patterns Shandeh! I have lots of Lamb’s Pride… I hope that’s an ok yarn to use.

Yay!!! :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: Thanks for joining Melissa!

That would be a PERFECT yarn to use. :thumbsup:

Funny thing…every time I look at the picture for the “Super Chunky” scarf…I want to call it the “Super Hunky” scarf. :inlove::inlove:

well, i can’t imagine why that would be. :teehee:

I will if I can!

Thanks Jan! I figure that you’ve probably already been knitting for the Dulaan project anyway. :wink:

I’ve got nothing OTN right now so count me in. :slight_smile:

Excellent! :hug:

Do you think hats done on a loom would be acceptable? Because if they are, I could get my daughter to pitch in. She won’t let me teach her to knit, but the looms are super easy.

My mom just gave me a cute knitted hat she made and I’ve been wondering who I can gift it to. Now I know. Thanks.

I think that sounds like a GREAT idea! How cool that your daughter can participate! :hug:


I’ve already got some stuff finished (need to sort & box, now that it’s been washed/blocked). And I wound 2 skeins this afternoon, so I’ll come up with a couple more hats (or something) to send.

Go Misha Go!

I can knit scarves at work without having to think… I’ll make some warm scarves. 6’ long enough?

I like to do simple projects at work… without having to follow to complex a pattern. I have time between calls, and during some.

Count me in for some warm scarves!

I really think You need to be Knitterized… You know… instead of cannonized… You are awesome the way you come up with these great ideas!