Last Day of School!

Enough said …

two teacher work days next week … but easy peasy compared to this last week with the kids !!!

Wow! That’s early compared to here. Ds doesn’t get out until June 16. Where abouts do you teach? Hope you have a wonderfully relaxed summer!

I can’t tell you because I changed my location to Montana so my secret yarn swap pal wouldn’t know where live :slight_smile:

School got out yesterday here. I’m already going crazy having all my kids home :shock: . The only upside is DS keeps my daughters company so I have more time to knit :wink: .

:smiley: Goodness, it’s hard to keep up with school schedules since all of my kids are out of school :rollseyes:

My husband taught for 38+ years in a high school. The last few weeks were a nightmare with finals, last minute papers, grades and of course the seniors who crapped out the last semester and were desperately looking for ways to make up missing grades so they wouldn’t lose their scholarship or college admission eligibility He’d leave school on the last day then go back about two weeks later to clean up his room and turn in his keys.

Funny, but his blood pressure has been so-o-o-o much better since he retired. :lol:

Have a wonderful summer…you deserve the rest!!

I have 9 more days with kids, then 3 workdays to get through. I can’t wait to have some ME time!

One more workday for me, and then…summer knitting orgy :inlove:

Schools don’t get out here till mid June. My nephews in TX get out in early May. Different everywhere. :wink:

13.5 days to go! My hubby gets out on the 16th though. I CAN’T WAIT!

I love having my older 2 home for the summer (and other breaks). My youngest is so busy following them around, I get TONS more accomplished! :XX: