Last bind off stitch in circular knitting

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum. The question I have is regarding circular knitting. I read in past forum messages that the bind off using circular needles are exactly the same as normal bind off. But after I tried it, there’s a hug gap between my first bind off stitch and the last bind off stitch. Is there something I was suppose to do to avoid that?


when i have that happen i just make sure that when i weave in the end i go back and grab that first stitch with the needle and then stitch back the other direction…cinches it right up. :thumbsup:

I always weave my end in, in such a way that it pulls those two stitches together and closes the gap. I always weave those types of ends in a lot more securely than I usually would on a flat knit piece.

If you treat the gap as an opportunity for duplicate stitch, you can “imitate” the bind-off stitch. Cut the yarn with a few inches to spare, then go through the first bound-off stitch in the same pattern as the rest of your stitches. Then weave the end in. I haven’t seen an illustration on line for this, but I read about it in a book of finishing techniques. (Title and author forgotten).

I do something different when binding off circular and it seems to work fine for me. When I get down to one stitch on the right needle I actually stitch my needle through that other side and pick up a stitch then just pull it through like a normal bind off. I guess there are various solutions. :wink: