Las Vegas Yarn Shops?

Going for a conference…any must-seek-out-and-find yarn shops in the area that you recommend?

I live in Las Vegas. Not too many yarn shops around, There is a Gails Knits. Other than Michaels I think that is the only major one. Nancy’s Quilt Shop too. They carry yarns.
It’s sad we don’t have very many. I wish I could open one.


Hi Kathy…I was afraid of that, just thought I’d give it a shot and see if anyone knew of some. Thanks for the info!

When I was in Vegas, I visited Wooly Wonders. Here is the address: Wooly Wonders
3421 E. Tropicana #1
Phone: (702)-547-1661

Alrighty! Another one for the list, thanks!

Lucky you!!! The yarn stores there are FABULOUS!

I was in Vegas last March. I wrote about it on my blog, which has links to their stores’ sites and pictures of what the stores look like inside and out (this is not a plug for my blog…it’s just easier to give you the link).

Gail Knits is just north of the Strip, and Wooly Wonders is just south. I visited both stores in one morning, even driving down the Strip in between the visits.

Gail Knits is the larger of the two stores and has a more varied selection of yarn; however, Wooly Wonders is cozy and has some things that Gail doesn’t. You should visit BOTH.

Have fun! Come back and post what you bought!

Auburnchick…thanks for the blog link, that info makes me think I HAVE to find time to check them out. Are either of these shops within walking distance of the Flamingo Hotel? Don’t plan to rent a car, so I’ll be walking or taking a taxi I guess.

ETA: Actually, I forgot about the monorail…if not within walking distance, would the monorail get me close to either?

Not close to the Flamingo Hotel for walking.
Taxi might be your best bet.

Like your blog of Las Vegas. Very nice


I agree…taxi is the way to go. Gails is just past a Mercedes dealership. Too bad they won’t let you borrow one of the cars for your shopping. You’d give the ladies at the yarn shops a heart attack when you pulled up.