Las Vegas Knitters

Any knitters in Las Vegas Northwest Area only.


I moved here in 1989 from So California…Orange County.
I wonder how many knitters are in the No West area of Vegas.:knitting:

Have a great day and week end.
Happy Knitting.

Where do u live and do u belong to a group?
I am trying to get another one together and have lunch and teas and knit.
But with a request of No children at gatherings.
What is your age group?

I’m in the northwest area… barely. (Charleston & Hualapai).
I’m not part of a group. I have been wanting to find some neat people to knit with for a while. Tea! I love tea. :slight_smile: I’d be happy to … help out with that. heh.
Anyway, I’m a NEARLY 20 year old college student (No kids for me! lol. so no worries there…)
When you say you are trying to get “another” group together, what do you mean? Will this be your second one or did a prior one break up?

I have an ad on Craigs List right now to get together a group. All ages are welcome.
I am think about Tuesday afternoons.
Lunch time.
Check out Craigs List Las Vegas under groups

I’m on the east side of Vegas, Charleston and Nellis anyone close to me? would love to join a group.

I am fairly new to knitting, just started this last summer…but am making good progress, I think, as I am knitting my first sweater. I have lived in Vegas for about 39 yrs, and am living in the NW area.