Large sized Addis question

Do the size 17 Addis have that thicker tube joining or the same wire that i love so very much? Thanks!

I believe Ingrid tried some and had a problem with them… :thinking:

that was my recollection too but i was hoping that maybe i had taken some bad drugs in the 60s and was remembering wrong. :rollseyes:

It’s a thicker cord.

sigh well i suppose it is a good thing it wasn’t that drugs thing then since i wasn’t even a glimmer in someone’s eye in the 60s.

any good ideas for longer size 17s then? I have a pair of Boyes and i don’t much like them. would rather not use bamboo if possible.

It’s a tube and I did have big problems with them. They broke. I had two and both pulled out of the needle, the tube wasn’t slippery and I returned them. Definitely not worth the money at all!!!

If you’re in the market for large needles, I replaced the Addis with Bryspun because that’s what they had in 17. The cord is not as flexible as regular Addis, of course, but the needles themselves are not bad at all and worked perfectly for the kitty bed I made. In fact they worked much, much better than the Addis with the tube since the tube made me fight pulling the stitches around, which in turn caused me to pull the tips off.

well your post is quite timely i must say! i was just doing a search for other options and came across the bryspuns. they looked like they were going to be my best option. now i just have to decide if i am going to do the afghan! :rofling:

thank you so much for the confirmation! :wink:

We must have a psychic link!

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psychic…psychotic…it’s so hard to tell the difference! :rofling:

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I have addi 17’s and haven’t had any problems with them.

Maybe I got a bad batch? If one broke, I might think it was a fluke, but both broke in one evening. :thinking:

Hmm…I’m sure you got yours from Jeff??? So did I. Wonder what happened with yours! I would be leery too if I’d had two of them break.

I didn’t get them from Jeff. I can’t remember which online place I got them from now, but I will say they were very helpful and cooperative when I emailed them about the breakage.

It could be that because I was using double stranded wool, maybe I had to pull hard to get it around the cable because they stitches did not want to slide easily.