Large Project Question

Okay, so I got my supplies to start knitting (thanks to those of you who gave me input on what to send my husband to pick up) while I’m mending a broken leg. I have a question though, and it may be a really bad one :aww: (can’t say dumb, because there are no dumb questions, right?).

I have started just practicing cast on and knitting a few rows of about 20 stitches. I haven’t done much research yet, but was wondering about larger projects such as baby blankets. I saw one pattern for casting on 90 stitches and was thinking “does that really fit on one needle?” Is this a case when the connected needles (sorry, can’t think of proper term) work best? OR what?

Hello to you in Meridian from me in Boise! :waving:

90 stitches are an awful lot to cram onto a straight knitting needle. I’d definitely go with a circular needle (I think that’s the term you were looking for). Depending on how big the yarn is, for 90 stitches, you’d probably want a 24 inch circular at the minimum; a 32 inch circular might be better.

Hope your leg gets better quickly!

ETA: And no-there’s nothing dumb about that question!

Yup, that’s what you need circulars for. Sending healing vibes your way! Sounds like you may get quite a bit of knitting time in while you’re mending. :slight_smile:

Well, knitting squishes.

But yes, 90 is a lot for straight needles, and it gets very heavy very quickly. I had over 120 at one point on 24" circs for my last FO, and that was enough!

So, you’re one of those people who practices? That’s awesome. I don’t have the patience. I predict that you’re going to be someone who, when you launch into your first project, are going to be reasonably confident and competent, and not have to frog endlessly.

So whatcha gonna make?? I know we’re all curious!

Thank you all! Yeah, I’m practicing…just working on getting the motions down and stuff. I started by knitting 20 rows of 20 stitches (though I lost 2 stitches somewhere along the way), just switched to purl to work on that (somewhere picked up 2 stitches so I’m back to 20). I’ll maybe do 20 rows of that to get the hang of it and then work on a project…I’m thinking a baby blanket. A friend wants a hat, but don’t know if I’m ready to do anything that’s not flat!