Large Mens sweater

Hey all… since I just am passing my 1st month knitting my brother seems to think I can do a sweater…God help me.

So anyone have any sites for larger mens sweaters… say 1x and up that are the simplest sweater in the entire world to make? this is my after xmas project. For next years present.

Also… any special yarns that are best to make preemie clothes. I want to start making hats and stuff to send to ur childrens hospital here.

Any good ideas for the older kids say under 5 to popp off in a week or so to send for gifts or something?

IMO one of the simplest sweaters is a simple raglan sleeve. No seaming, all knit in the round. My first one was from Knitting Pure and Simple. They are well written and easy to understand. Here’s a link to the men’s patterns. I’d say either #991 or 247 would be very easy.
I suggest you ask the hospital what yarn they recommend. Usually acrylic, cotton or a cotton/acrylic blend are used because they are soft and washable.

Here’s a few ideas for kids.

Thanks Jan for the information… I will check them out.
I called the Hospital and they didnt have any real information on the yarn. but I found a knit shop that does charity night knitting… so I am gonna check with them for ideas and good yarns.

Thanks again

Hey Jan… I dont think the pattern for the Mens sweater link was there. If you can resend that would be great.

The kids patters are ADORABLE… the little ball catcher thing was so cute and the finger ones… so cute. LOL took me a moment to realize the one patter was to MAKE balls… not a ball of yarn.

I seen this great womans sweater today at the knit shop all done with St st and done from a sleeve… with one seem was so simple looking. Want to make that… some self patterning yarn was nice… forgot to get the pattern from there, was so overwhelmed with all the lovely yarns available.

But if you could send that pattern I would appreciate it.

Thanks so much

Oops! :doh: Added it on my other post and here it is as well.

I’ve made the balls and they are really cute and always wanted to make the snowman and rainbow babies from the Jean Greenhowe site. :thumbsup: