Large Knitting Yarn

So thanks to Pinterest, my sister saw a blanket knitting with PVC pipes as needles and has requested something similar. I don’t mind tackling this project, and I was going to use broom handles or wooden dowels, but I have no idea where I could purchase yarn for this. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Here is what she is interested in:

Thank you!

Wow! Absolutely amazing! :yay:

Look up ‘roving’ - that’s the thick wool that finer yarn is spun from.

Will do, thanks! I’ve been asking around at the craft stores locally, and I have found that they are all pretty clueless. HA! Even back when I had a pattern question on my last project, no one could help me. Does no one that works in these stores knit anything more than scarves!?

They don’t carry roving in a craft store. You’d have to go to a regular yarn store, or one that has spinning and weaving supplies. Or somehere sheep are sheared.

My yarn store has a lot of yarn, but very little roving. I know several spinners and they all get it online.

I know they all like this place. Google roving for more.