Large knitting pins

what are those little knittings safty pins for i have a very large one and a pretty small one.Also how do you use the stitch counter i have a regular one.Please put it in the most normal sounding answer because im new so i dont know really any names of any stitches


The safety pin like things are stitch holders. Sometimes in a pattern it will tell you to place some of the sts on holders and you’ll get back to them later on to do something.

thanyou do you know how to use stitch counters and what they are for??

Stitch counters are put on the ends of your needle and you turn them as you finish a row. I’ve never used one, I just count the rows in my knitting; I’d forget to turn them over.

Stitch markers, or row counters?
Row counters are what she described. I don’t use them much and usually wish I had :mrgreen:
Stitch markers are little circles you can slip onto your needles to mark where a pattern begins, or so many stitches for something, or where you’re going to put stitches on or take them off for a sleeve or whatever. They’re handy when you start, because you can put one on every ten stitches or whatever and you know if you’ve gained or lost any stitches you shouldn’t have. They slip from one needle to the other while you’re knitting and you take them off on the last row before you bind off.

Row counters are what she described.

Yeah, I meant row counters…