Large kneedles

Hi, I want to knit an Afghan and the pattern calls for LARGE needles - I purchased size 15 and (1) they’re tricky to hold and (2) the stitches appear to be uneven and VERY tight on the needles. Is it merely practice or is there a trick someone could pass on, please?

The biggest I’ve worked with was 7mm, which doesn’t have an US needle equivalent. It’s between US 10,5 and 11.

That was already awkward to work with, so I can imagine that on 15, it’s really hard and unhandy.

Maybe you should go down a few sizes to 11 or 13, and knit more loosely than normal, so that it’s easier to pick up the stitches.

Changing to a much larger or much smaller needle than you’re used to can be difficult to get used to. It’s hard to knit looser than your normal tension, but that’s one of the tricks to knitting on bigger needles. And a lot of practice.

Bigger needles are sometimes harder to get used to - it just takes practice. When I have a project on big needles, I only work on it for a little while then switch to something on smaller needles. The exaggerated motions tend to make my arms and wrists tired quickly.

I, personally, love to knit with large needles. The smallest needle I can stand to knit large projects in (That isn’t a sock or a stuffed animal) is size 10. Majority of what I knit is done in size 15 or 19! I have really small hands so what I do to hang on to the needles is I sit with my legs flat and then rest the bottom of my right-hand needle on my leg to hold it in place. I knit English style, though, so I only need to steady the right-hand needle with my thumb and leg to wrap my yarn around.

I have to agree with PurpleInk, the smallest needles I knit with are 10 as well. With bigger needles, I like to make looser stitches. Don’t worry about everything being tight and neat, if you just relax your hands and start going at it with some nice, loose stitches, with a bit of practice you’ll be making some awesome things. Also, use chunkier thread when you’re using bigger needles. Helps a lot, IMO.

While I will go down to an 8, and occasionally a 7, most of my projects are knit on size 10, 10½ or 7mm needles. Sometimes 11, 13, or 15 if I use bulky yarn.

I use circular needles. It won’t help with your tension, but they’re much easier to work with on large projects using big needles, since they’re shorter and your work can just hang from the center part.