Large holes at the end of purl rows

I’m knitting wool slippers in stockinette to later felt and am wondering if the slightly larger holes at the end of my purl rows will cause an unevenness during the felting process. Any thoughts?

Probably not, but you can try to minimize them while you’re still knitting. Knit the first st of the row, then pull the yarn a bit which will take up some of the extra on the last st of the purl row. Then knit the next couple sts a little tighter. You can do this at the beginning of the purl row too.

Whatever I am knitting I always slip across the first stitch of every row without knitting it. This will keep the edges of the knitting neat, this is especially important if you are knitting something like a scarf or button bands.

If it’s seamed together it won’t make a bit of difference. Just seam so that the holes are inside and then it’ll be fine when it felts.