just wanted to say hello. I’m newly retired after 35 years in Education and returned to knitting after 30 years. I’m relearning but it’s not that easy. This forum seems great.:slight_smile:

Welcome. You will find lots of information here and great people to help you. :knitting:

Nice to have you aboard. This forum is a blast. Everyone is so nice and helpful. See you around…

Welcome to KH! :yay:

Hello and welcome to KH. If you ever need help with anything, you know where to come. :waving:

Welcome to KH, I hope you like it here as much as the rest of us!

Welcome. You will pick up the knitting quickly and surpass where you were before. How do I know this? Several years ago I returned to knitting after a long absence. The choice of yarns available today is so much better than what we had years ago.

:waving: Hello and welcome to KH :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome. You will find lots of help and inspiration here.

Welcome to KH! I am sure you will enjoy it here. Check out the videos on how to up there ^^^ at the top of the page. Those are a great source of knowledge. Everyone here is helpful and eager to help another yarn addict if you need support or help.

Welcome and congratulations on your retirement. With the help of the knowledgeable people here you should be either a great knitter or broke or both.