Lantern Moon needles - worth it?

I’ve been looking at Lantern Moon needles lately and think they look gorgeous. They look like they would be very smooth and warm to the touch (getting sick of my cold aluminum needles). However, I can’t decide whether they are really worth the price. This would be a total splurge and treat for myself which is a big sin right before Christmas, but all this shopping for other people has made me start looking at all the stuff I really want!
So, what are your thoughts are they worth the price? Do you have any and love them or do you wish you’d saved your money for some yummy yarn instead?

Though I use turbos now, I have had my LMoons for years and pull them out often in the winter just to make a scarf with. I love the way they feel…For me I’m glad I spent the money

Bottom line: You can get good needles that perform as well (or better) than LM needles for much cheaper.

That being said, I love my LM needles and wouldn’t trade them in for anything. While I use my KnitPicks Options needles for most things, I relish (and look for) opportunities to knit on straight needles with my Lantern Moon needles.

The reason is simple, sheer luxury. I love the feel and the look of wood. The LM needles are just beautiful and they add to my pleasure while knitting.

So you probably can’t justify the purchase on any level except wanting to treat yourself. Metal and bamboo are much cheaper and perform just as well. But if you love the look/feel of quality wood and want to ‘up’ your knitting enjoyment, LM needles are fantastic.

And while you’re at it, you might want to check out this link:

I haven’t bought any of these needles yet but I’m definitely looking seriously at them.

This is my take on “is it worth it.” I LOVE hand knit socks. I’m willing to pay $18 on beautifully hand dyed unique sock yarns. For me it is all worth it to have gorgeous unique socks. I enjoy having lovely things in my life. Even when the “ordinary” will do. For instance I have a favorite pottery mug that I like to sip my tea from. It was hand thrown. Sure, I could use a $1 mug bought at the Dollar Tree. It would hold my tea just as nicely. But I live the feel, texture, color and size of my hand thrown pottery mug. It’s worth it to you only if you value it as such.

I have been using only KP Options lately, and I love them, but I soooooooo want some LM needles! Even if I never knit with them, I want them so I can just stare at them. I think they’re beautiful!

Okay I think you’ve convinced me! I was just wondering if they were better than ordinary metal needles. I love how smooth and fast metal is, but it is so cold and boring. The aesthetic appeal of the beautiful wood of the LM needles is what really attracted me. Merry Christmas to me…

I, too, have a set of options that I am mainly using now … that said, I did splurge and treated myself to a pair of size 6 LMs a few months ago (before I got my options). I had been making a bunch of dishcloths and that’s mainly what I use for them. I agree with the others … while I love my options, I still look forward to casting on a dishcloth so I can use those beautiful LM needles. Would I buy another pair … if I was in the right mood and wanted to treat myself and had the $$ ?? Absolutely. Obviously, I don’t need them. But a girl’s gotta have choices, right? :slight_smile:

Reading the story of the family that makes Lantern Moon needles may give you another reason to buy them:

Pretty incredible story - makes me want to go out and buy another pair just cuz I can.

I have a pair of LM double point and had trouble with a few in the set not being as sturdy as the rest and one broke. Took a LONG time and many e-mails for the company to respond and make it right.Try KP’s.

I’m pretty much using metal circulars but I do love the LMs and don’t regret buying them.

I have a set of lantern moon sock stix and one broke on the first set of socks I made with them. And I am a loose knitter! It was picking up the gusset that did it. I haven’t tried to get a replacement yet.

Thank you everyone for your feedback. I really appreciate it. Now I either need to find a site that will ship to Canada (Lantern Moon won’t) or a store that isn’t a million miles from where I live that sells them. A hunting I will go…:happydance:

Clara’s review over at Knitters Review is very good on them:

Now you got me wanting some!!!