Lang Tosca ideas? pastel & pretty

I got this bunch of yarn on sale recently. I don’t usually buy wool/acrylic mix but the colours were so pretty I couldn’t help it. Pastel, sherbety, it’s just delicious looking. I thought I might make a summer shrug but I’m not sure. Would that be too itchy? Too cutesy? It’s 55% wool 45% acrylic.

Would a little blanket be better? A stretchy top? hmmmmmm

5 50 gram balls

Vat do you think?

That stuff says summer top to me. What style were you thinking?

Oh it’s the Owen Potato person! (I was just looking at dogs for adoption online, at my local shelter) (can’t get one though)

Um, I don’t know yet… been looking through magazines etc. I still have it in my head to make a stretchy shrug with short sleeves. Have to look at those Staff Shrugs again by Interweave…