Lane Bryan poncho look-a-like pattern?

I saw this adorable ‘poncho’ at Lane Bryant the other day, that’s kind of like one big rectangle folder over with a belt through the fibers. I’d like to try my hand at it because it sells for $50! I’m not experienced enough to make my own pattern. Does anyone know of a similar pattern like for something that looks like this? (Check it out in gray to see it better)

Help is greatly appreciated.

Yep, it’s a rectangle with a hole in it. There should be several poncho patterns similar to it at, and in the Lion brand pattern section -

Have you seen this one?

and another

Thank you, Sue. The second one is pretty close, except that it looks rounded on the edges? Everything I’ve found so far has been square ponchos or capes, and I am afraid I will mess up the pattern if I try to modify it any. I appreciate your help so much!

If you look at the drawing on the 2nd one, it’s more of a cape, so it doesn’t have a squared off ege on the bottom. The 1st is more like what you have in mind except for the hood and you could leave that off.

I really like the looks of the first one - texture and all - but I would have to figure out how to not include the split down the front. I have enough trouble following a pattern exactly, I would ruin something I tried to modify on my own. Maybe I should just sit down and figure out what it will take to knit a giant rectangle that’s X by X in size, and then figure out how to leave a hole in the middle for the neck. I could use the yarn requirements from one of these to get an idea of how much I’ll need. I was hoping someone had already created a pattern and maybe Lane Bryant took their idea!

Thank you again.

You can take the stitch pattern for the first Drops pattern, and make either 2 squares or rectangles and sew together, or knit in one piece with a slit for the neck.

To make in one piece, start at the bottom edge, knit to the length you want. Mark off the center 8-10" worth of sts for the neck, knit to marker, BO those center sts and finish the row. On the next row, knit to the bound off sts, CO as many as you bound off, finish the row. Either way is simple.
Did you already look thru the ones at lionbrand? There are a few that are big rectangles with a hole in the center that look pretty much the right shape.