Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Fun

is this yarn a #2 fine or #3 light sportweight…?
how do I tell? says 4 inch by 4 inch should be 36 rows by 26 stitches…:whoosh:

If this is the yarn then it’s fingering weight. This is a great site to bookmark.

Another good one to bookmark…

or socks will…:eyes:

Cotton is not stretchy to knit with, but it can sag quite a bit in a garment. That’s probably not true of all cottons though so… :shrug:

I’ve used the Lana Grossa cotton blends before with good results! It knits up beautifully, sags a bit more during wear than all wool; I knit it up a little tighter than an all-wool sock to overcome this tendency.