Lamb's pride shouldn't be this hard to find in Nebraska

where it is made! okay in general it isn’t that hard to find but i am looking for Victorian Pink worsted and none of the local stores have it in stock right now. The only place i can find it semi-locally is about an hour away and i am not really excited about driving there to get a $7 skein of yarn if i can avoid it (thankfully the football game is out of town this weekend so it won’t be AS bad!)

so anyway…i have found several sites online that seem to have it available but i have only ordered from Knitpicks online. i don’t know if these sites i have found are any good because while i don’t want to drive down there, i am also an impatient shopper and don’t like to wait weeks for delivery.

can anybody tell me good sources for lambs pride that you have shopped from before? thanks!

Angelika @ delivers VERY QUICKLY and she is very nice & extremely reliable. is my LYS & she is very reliable. ROCKS…fast delivery & very cool yarn, but I don’t know if they have what u r looking for. Those are all that I have a personal relationship with and can vouch for. I’m sure most all are very dependable.

well none of them either carry the brand or the color right now. but i am glad you answered because i was starting to think my yarn question mic was off! :wink:

i fear i will have to make the drive this weekend! ooooooooooooooooh well! :smiley:

If you called them and told them what you need, would they take your order over the phone and send it to you?

probably but even with gas prices ($2.09 across the street from my house btw…whoda thunk i would ever be happy to see THAT price?) it is cheaper just to drive down there to get it. i am just being whiney! but if the game were in town this weekend i would NOT be going down there for any reason barring someone being dead, and even then i would have to think about it!

It wouldn’t happen to be down here in Lincoln would it? Because I’m here and could look for you if you tell me where to look and what exactly I’m looking for. 8)

lol of course it is and you know what i mean about trying to drive down there when the game is in town! :wink: i am actually psyching myself up about the idea of trying a new store even though i will almost never go there again! :wink:

i am gonna be heading to Threads 2. If they manage to sell out of what he said they have in stock i am gonna hand that scarf to the girl and tell her to learn to love her 11 inch scarf! :rofling:

Oh yes I know exactly what you mean. I try to stay at home when the game is in town, now my mother loves to do her shopping then because from kickoff to the game being over, traffic is slower 8)

Good luck!!!

lol…well i think that is true in omaha too, but it is the road between that i would like to avoid on game day.

good thing is that this has reminded me why i don’t want to go down to Kansas City this weekend to see that movie that appears to not be coming here! :thumbsup: