Lambs pride in the UK

Hello all,

I’#ve spotted this fantastic pattern on knitty
and i absolutely must knit it, only trouble is, I’m in the Uk and the wool I want isn’t!

I want to use the wool specified in the pattern as I’m too in-experienced to ventured further.
I’ve already dismissed the pattern in buying 6mm needles instead of 5.5mm as I am a tight knitter.

Does anyone know of a UK stockists of this wool or any other suitable yarn that is preferably 85% mohair and 15% wool- i just want it to felt nicely and look like the fab chain in the pic.

ps- i’m also trying to knit myself a padlock for it. any ideas?!

big knitting love, thanks

carly…there are probably lots of good substitutions but here is a reliable web source that will ship to the uk this page shows you the shipping info.

Hi, I’m also in the UK (London)

I must say for the past week I’ve been trying to find good wool shops without much success! John Lewis of course have a lovely haberdashery department.

I am just back from the most horrendous trip to Liberty’s Haberdashery department - It’s been a while since I was there but the wool section is tiny these days and the staff were rude, unable to add up and I ended up just saying “sod this” taking my card back and leaving the store empty handed.

Depending where you live in the UK would depend on what you can get. I know that ebay is a great source for many US yarns unavailable to us here, though it IS worth a look at John Lewis. I know John Lewis are carrying Debbie Bliss wools.

I saw today something about a store in Islington which apparently carries a vast array of yarns - it’s a new ish store and it is there to cater to the new trendies who have taken up knitting. I’ll have a look in a while and see if I can find the name of it again for you.

London, alas, is severely missing it’s old yarn shops. It looks like its going to be Ebay / Mail order from the US and John Lewis for me from now on. Today’s experience with Liberty left me thinking I’ll never darken their door again!

Hi - i’m in the uk and also finding it difficult to find feltable wool - we just don’t seem to have it as readily available as the US.

Try going to and looking at the Twilleys- Freedom wool.

Good luck - John Lewis Oxford street has the nicest selection I have seen yet - I am closer to the Reading branch tho but they don’t do the Noro.

THis seller on Ebay (Oregon Trail Yarn and Books) has TONS of lambs pride. She may ship overseas. Just ask her:

cheer she ships Worldwide =D Great link thanks Feministmama!

fantastical ladies, thank you very much for all your help.

mulene- I’ve been to the wonderous shop in islington, i also live in North London- it’s called ‘Loop’ and very gorgeous, all be it a bit expensive and overwhelming. I, like you absolutely heart my John Lewis.

AmandaR- John lewis oxford street makes me very happy indeed- my nearest is Brent cross, I’ve just made a new shop friend too, yay!

i found a replacement wool- i think the gauge may be a wee bit small but i’ve gone down half mm in needle size so it’s all good but i’m going to try Rowan kid Classic and see how it goes.

now i just gots to skip off and learn how to use dpn’s properly.


ahaaa thats the place, Loop! I should have remembered since I just bought a Sirdar Loopa tool grin

I’d love to take a trip there but the thought did cross my mind that its going to be expensive - As soon as I saw Islington I just knew it would be :wink:

Brent Cross JL is the nearest one to where I work (I work in West London on the border with Willesden), but today I was lucky enough to share my bosses cab into town so I could nip to Liberty for lunch! I did think if he hadn’t been going I’d have driven to Brent Cross, it’s been a while since I was there!

There used to be a gorgeous little yarn shop near where my mother lives, alas it has gone too =( So much for the mad knitting revival in London!