Lamb's Pride Bulky?

Has anyone felted w/this? It’s 85% wool & 15% mohair. My mom likes this yarn & would like me to make felted clogs for her. I’m felting a small swatch right now & it seems to be taking an awfully long time…

I have made a felted box with lambs pride bulky. For that pattern the yarn was doubled. I have a front loader so I ran it through twice, and then visited my neibhbors machine. It did felt but retained some stitch definition, but I think because it’s garter stitch. It’s very sturdy, there is a pic on my Ravelry page. I’m newamy there too. I have felted lambs pride worsted wt with beautiful results.

Hmmm… I’ve got a front loader, too. I wonder if that’s got anything to do with it or if it is a yarn weight thing. I just checked it again before looking @ this thread and it looks like it’s finally starting to pull together (after about 30 minutes). Keep your fingers crossed…

Yep front loaders are too gentle. The first thing I ever felted I had a top loader. It was fast and like magic the way it shrunk. Then half way through a big felted tote project our machine broke and I bought I front loader for the purpose of saving water. So I finished the bag–which was a gift and had to run it through twice. That time it was cascade 220. It was knit in stockingnette and had a smidge of stitch definition but otherwise shrunk well. I usually do hot and heavy duty and just run a full cycle in a front loader. I did have good luck with some felted socks in Patons Classic Merino- but I ran them through twice with some regular laundry.

Well, this doesn’t bode well. Both my mom & I have front loaders. Wonder if I pack it in with a full load of laundry like you, newamy, if that would beef up the agitation enough. (Dontcha love how I think ‘outloud’ on this board?)

I felt in a front loading washer too. Thus far, everything has taken 2 cycles to felt and the most recent project took three. I usually felt with 2 pair of adult jeans in the washer, but the last time I used 1 adult pair and 1 kid pair. Not sure if that had anything to do with it.