Lamb's Pride Bulky vs. DB Alpaca Silk

OK, so I shouldn’t even be thinking about a new project with all that I have just waiting on the needles for me, but…

I went to one of my LYS today and they had a 50% off sale on EVERYTHING! So, of course I had to get some Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. It’s so yummy! :inlove:

Anyway, I want to make this purse, but it calls for Lamb’s Pride Bulky. Do you think I can use the Debbie Bliss? I know it will take more. I bought three balls of it. I just thought it would be so nice, but I’m not sure if it will work right or even what needle size to use since no gauge is given on the pattern. :thinking:

Thoughts?! THANKS!

IMHO you could, but it wouldn’t wear as well as the LP. DB Alpaca Silk is heavenly soft, but it will pill if whatever you make with it getes a lot of use.

Pill? boo! Any ideas on what I could do with it?

Here’s a full review of the yarn:

Alpaca Silk

Seems more like a special-items yarn to me…ones that don’t get a tremendous amount of wear. But man, if I made something for myaelf out of it, I would want to sleep in it, he yarn is so freakin yummy. :smiley:

Thanks! :smiley:

:doh: Three balls …is it aran or the D.K ? A scarf is the best idea .I have three in different colours and they are so soft.

It’s the Aran. I was thinking of going back and getting some more, but haven’t had a chance. The store is closing at the end of July, so hopefully I can get over there before then!

I’d have to vote scarf too…unless you’re the type of person who might like wrist/arm warmers. That yarn would feel so good for something like that.