Lamb's Pride Bulky question

Is this a Bulky yarn or SUPER Bulky?? On Ravelry, it’s listed as a Super Bulky, but in the photos, it looks more like a bulky.

What do you think?? A friend wants me to knit her son one of those beard-beanie hats and the pattern calls for Lamb’s Pride Bulky with size 11 needle. I’m wondering if I should use LB’s Wool Ease Chunky or Thick & Quick as a substitute.

Here’s the pattern link:


The T&Q is a super bulky and the Chunky is a bulky. I think the yarn you have should be fine though. 70 stitches on a size 11 is going to be pretty large I think, even though the ribbing stretches. Go ahead and try it - CO as written and work about 3" and see how it looks and what it measures unstretched and stretched. Then decide if the fabric works and if you need less stitches. Unless her son is a teenager, the hat might only need to be 17-18" around, not 20"

Lamb’s Pride Bulky knits at 3-3.5sts/inch which I think of as bulky. It’s really lovely yarn to work with and comes in great colors, some even appropriate for beards. I’d love to see a picture of the finished project.

I made a pair of convertible mittens with this. It is a #6 super bulky. Just to warn you. This yarn twists like crazy. I had to stop every row to let the needles dangle and unwind. I was very disappointed with it. Lamb’s pride used to be all wool. It’s now part mohair, which is goat’s hair. My mittens aren’t that warm in our subzero weather, despite being bulky weight. The mohair makes them shed like crazy and it doesn’t stop. I personally will not use this again.

Thanks everyone!

I can’t use all natural fiber yarns because of my husband’s allergies. I’ve worked with the LB yarns successfully before, that’s why I was asking about them specifically.

Thanks for your help!