Lamb Stitch Markers and Row Counters

[LEFT]Hi I have some Row counters and Stitch Markers for sale. You can click here to purchase them. All of them are hand made and make excellent gifts for the holidays.

Here is the stitch markers which are $14 for a set of 3

Row counters which are $20.

Could you post a picture? :smiley:

I did post pictures and there is a link to pictures on the order page too.

For some reason the pictures aren’t showing up here or at the ordering site.

I’m having the same problem as Auntcrafty… No pictures are showing up anywhere.

Yup, no pics – just the jpg file name and a msg about not having permission to see the attached files.

I fixed the pictures here. Took and uploaded them to Piccasa should work now sorry about that.

As for the pictures of the order site I contacted the webmaster and he said he would look into and try to fix it.

Thank you! They are very pretty! I’ll have to see if my budget will allow some.

I have a dumb question. I love the row counter but how do you use it???:oops: I’m sure I’m just being dense… Your things are beautiful and very well priced!

YOu use the little wooden pin and place it through your knitting and what ever loop you need so if you have 5 rows to knit you place it through the 5th loop and move it after each row. It comes with instructions :slight_smile: