Lalana Shawl pattern troubles

This is the first pattern I have tried that after 38 rows (out of 290) basically says keep going like you have been EXCEPT and then lays out exceptions. I’m struggling and the yarn shop where I bought the kit of pattern and yarn has been little help. The pattern is by Zabeth Loisel-Weiner if that helps.
What advice more experienced knitters give on how to interpret this kind of pattern.

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What is the name of the shawl? There seems to be many.

You can quote the exceptions if you think that might help. Don’t post a large portion of the pattern please due to designer copyright.

Maybe this one? Pattern and designer names match. It’s paid and I don’t have it.

Yes, that’s the one. Is it common for patterns to be like that? Not specify every row?

Thaks, GG.

Since this is a repeated pattern, it wouldn’t be unusual for the pattern to be set up over a number of rows and then give instructions to continue as set. There might be increases or some other shaping that are taken into the pattern stitch.

Is there a row or two that you can quote that are causing the problem?