Laight Street Lace Pattern - Help please!


I am a beginner when it comes to knitting and I recently started working on a pretty shawl pattern by Kirsten Kapur.

However, I got stuck a bit and would appreciate some help.

There are 71 stitches cast on.

First 14 rows are garter stitch - so far so good.

Then the pattern doesn’t seem to match the number of stitches unless i’m missing something. It goes:

Set up:
RS: k4,*k4, yo, k2tog, yo, sk2p, yo, ssk, yo, k5, repeat from * to last 3 stiches, k3

If i’m correct, this means that i’ll have to repeat the sequence 3 full times, then start a 4th and finish half way because I only have 71 stitches- isn’t this wrong?

The pattern then continues with a purl row that repeats every time on the WS. The RS, however, is the problem as the number of stitches and the repeats simply dont match!

R1: K4, *k2, (k2tog, yo) twice, k3, (yo, ssk) twice, k3; repeat from *, k2 (k2tog, yo) twice, k3, (yo, ssk) twice, k6.

Now, the repeat sequence is 20 stitches. It says I should work the repeats in each row 3 times. So this means 4 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 24 =88 stitches, which is impossible, so I need to cut one of the repeats short? I find this really confusing as I am not sure what to do. As i work my way with the next rows, same thing happens.

R3: K4, *k1, (k2tog, yo) twice, k5, (yo, ssk) twice, k2; repeat from *, k1, (k2tog, yo) twice, k5, (yo, ssk) twice, k5

Could someone advise me on how to approach this? Thanks.

As I count the repeat, there are 16 sts per repeat. Four repeats (64sts) plus 4 plus 3sts equals the 71sts you cast on. Make sure that you’re counting the yarn overs correctly. They won’t use a stitch but will occur between two sts.

The next section under “Lace” also has a 16st repeat, not 20. Repeating this 3 times plus 19 plus 4sts is 71sts.

Thanks for your reply! I was counting the yo as 1 stitch, so seems that this is where I go wrong…I thought you’re supposed to knit one with the yarn over where it says ‘yo’…? Apologies, this is my third project and the first two were just seeded rib stitch, so now i’m going for a bigger challenge! :slight_smile:

For a yarn over, bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then over the right needle to the back. That’s it.

A challenge is good. That’s the way to learn.

That’s exactly the one I’m doing :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!