Lady is now finished!

Sorry for this second post. I just had to show off the final, blocked, fringed product and I wasn’t able to edit my first post. Thanks for looking at my joy!!

The whole thing looks great! Isn’t it great to finish up a big project? What’s next on your list?

Wow that came out absolutely gorgeous!! Enjoy it!!!

BeYOOOtiful!! Which yarn did you use - is it Noro’s Silk Garden?

Having started an entrelac wrap, I have a MUCH better idea of how much work goes into one of these, so my hat’s off to you :notworthy:

WOWZERS! I like that! Such lovely color’s and that fringe is so pretty. Verrrrrryyyyyyy nice!:thumbsup:

Stunning! Congratulations.

Beautiful job! Love all of the colors. Congrats on finishing a HUGE project!

I can’t wait to start mine!

That is totally awesome! You should be very proud! Mary


Thats is beautiful! How long did it take you to make that?

Very Pretty!!!

Susan :knitting:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

Beautiful work!!

I used Jojoland Rhythm, which I highly recommend.

Actually, it went rather quickly for a large piece. I think I started two weeks ago. (but I knit a lot!)

Wow. it looked great before but now it looks stunning!

I love it !

So beautiful! Lovely colors!!

That is STUNNING :heart:!!! Entrelac is on my list of techniques to learn…

Wow…:flirt: this is beautiful. Also love the colours. You should be very proud.

I want one. I love the fringing. Can I ask how you did it?

GORGEOUS. Love the colors.

It looks wonderful!! :happydance:

Wow that’s so beautiful ! :inlove: Excellent :thumbsup:

But two weeks–it only took you TWO WEEKS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . :passedout: