Lady Eleanor

Pure joy to knit!! I highly recommend this project. The lovely fringe still needs to be worked. I have been considering felting her [I]very lightly. [/I]Anyone with experience of light felting on something like this stole?

I used Jojoland yarn (Rhythm) and it is awesome yarn so far–long, long repeats. In fact, the yarn doesn’t really have repeats. New colors emerge throughout the entire ball. They yarn is fairly itch resistant for us sensitive types. And, their customer service is great. I had colorway issues and Mr. Jojo fixed me up.

that looks great! Entrelac is alot of fun.

That is gorgeous!! How much yarn did you use? I sooo want to make one after I get done with my Christmas knitting projects. It looks fantastic, wonderful job!!


wow!! :yay:

beautiful!! Great job:happydance:

Love those colors!

beautiful!!! gotta love entrelac!

Absolutely beautiful, and I love the colours. :yay:

Lady Eleanor, she be lovely! :heart: Great job:thumbsup: Beautiful colors!

She’s BEAUTIFUL! woud love to see a pic of the FO with the fringe! :thumbsup::inlove:

I thought I replied to this. :??

It’s gorgeous!!:inlove:

So fabulous! I love it!

It’s absolutely beautiful! I love the colors you chose. I’ve really wanted to make this ever since I got Scarf Style, but I’ve never done entrelac. Was it very hard?

It’s beautiful!!!

That is just beautiful!!

:cheering: I love that pattern! Yours turned out perfect.