Lady Eleanor

OK, I have fallen in love with this pattern- is there anywhere I can get it without spending $20 on the book? I googled, but couldn’t find it…

Since it’s in a book I doubt you can find it free anywhere, but you can get it used for as low as $12.45 on Amazon. My library has it, too. If yours does you can borrow it and make a copy of the pattern for personal use.

oh, DUH, why didn’t I think of the library! Thanks! :smiley:

There are also several patterns for entrelac scarves, and a few tutorials that you can find online. Just make it wider, like casting on 48 instead of 24, for instance.


AUGH, would you believe- the Austin Public Library has 109 Interweave titles, but NO scarf style?!?!

Oh well… I’m going to ask around to a few local knitting friends, and if that doesn’t work out I’ll just use Sue’s recommendation and try to wing it. :slight_smile:



Check with the librarian to get it on Interlibrary Loan. Some library in Texas is bound to have a copy…


Yeah, I used the online interloan to get books. That way they pull them from all over the county. :cheering:

My library has the book… I would be happy to check it out and photocopy what you need and send it to you!

Let me know!

Jenarita- that would be awesome! :slight_smile: Thanks!! I checked into the interlibrary loan thing and there’s not even a library in my county that has it! Of course it is all over the rest of the state… but who knows when it might actually come my way. LOL Thank you so much!!