Lady Eleanor +backwards loop cast on

For those of you who have done Lady Eleanor (Scarf Style), did you use the backwards loop cast on? I just tried it and it looks sloppy. I’d like to use the long tail cast on, but if it’s really better to stick with the backwards loop, I’ll grin and bear it. :slight_smile:

You need to use a loose cast on for the entrelac, but I didn’t like the backward loop either. I used a knitted cast on and it seemed to work fine.

Thanks, Ingrid. I’ll try that and see if it works better for me.

Ingrid: I tried the knitted cast on. It’s so much neater! I like it much better. Thanks again! :muah:

I haven’t started my Lady yet, but I’m planning to, and the only CO I’ve ever done is the long-tail. So, thanks so much for posting your question! :smiley: And the answer, of course!

I used the bacjwards loop, as per the pattern. It seemed sloppy at first, but was fine when blocked.

Also, the cast on will be covered up by the fringe if you’re going to put that on. If you’re not, the knitted cast on should work alright especially if you use a larger needle or two together.


I used a long-tail cast on on a needle 2 sizes bigger, it was loose, and it seemed to work great. It made a nice, neat edge.

:muah: Thanks, everyone!