Ladies Spring Leaves Vest designed by Michael del Vecchio

Struggling with this for some time:Pattern is Spring LeavesVest designed by Michael del Vecchio:
I slipped the right side and back sts on holders as per instructions.The left front armhole and neck sts are on the needle.

Next row:(wrg side)work next row of right leaning leaf and I cord border across 15 sts. Place marker…pattern shows that row 2 and all wrg side rows are:sl 3 sts purlwise wyif,p10,k2.This does not work out right for me as the row before was done on the rt side(rt front)was row 1 which is:p2,k6,ssk.return resulting st back to LH needle.Pass next st over ssk and sl st back to RHneedle,yo,k1,yo,k3.Doing it this way Row 2(wrg side)does not line up with the rows below it.I hope Ive made sense.Ive even tried to contact the designer but got no reply. Can anyone help?? Thank you

When you divided for fronts and back you were up to a row one of the right leaning leaves on this front?
This part of the border pattern is a continuation of the lace pattern you’ve been working. Can you check that you have 15sts before you turn to the WS to work row 2? The last 3 knit sts of row 1 are slipped on row 2. The lace pattern is purled (10sts) and the p2 sts from row 1 are k2 on row 2.