Ladies, plastic surgery; anyone here had B.R.?

Hey Ladies!! I need some girl talk, so naturally I came here to get the 411!
I have a consult scheduled in a few weeks with a plastic surgeon to discuss breast reduction/lift. I also want to talk to him about liposuction and/or tummy tuck. Has anyone here had these procedures, and if you are willing to share, what can you tell me? I’m particularly interested in experiences with B.R.

I haven’t, but I’ve thought about it for years so I’ll be watching this thread. I fear it’s too expensive, that they will think I am not big enough to need it, etc. :doh:

hmm, its something i’ve toyed with as well, for me its stretch marks after having my son that i want rid of. i have seriously thought when i decide i dont want any more kids i may go ahead with it one day.

i’d love to know real stories about it not what they want you to know as well

A girlfriend of mine had breast reduction surgury about 2 or 3 years ago. She was really large and had terrible back pain because of “the girls”. She went from a quite large DD to a C. Unfortunately, she was so gung-ho to go through with it that she only went to one plastic surgeon. He showed her his book of before and afters (of course, all the good jobs) and she walked out of his office having scheduled her surgery. Needless to say, her husband wasn’t too happy about it. He wanted her to consult with many doctors, not just one.

She doesn’t regret the surgery, but she does regret not having shopped around for a plastic surgeon. She has massive scars (from her armpits, underneath the breast to the other side of the the breast and from just under the nipple to the the bottom cut). The scars have faded somewhat, but they’re still obvious. And she has some puckering of the skin near her armpit on at least one side, that still gives her some irritation and looks kind of weird. But, it’s not like she goes around flashing her boobs, so it is what it is. She’s kind of butchered, but her back is much better so - there you go. She’s not unhappy she did it, but would do it differently if she could go back in time.

In the end, I suggest you have consultations with a few doctors and try to get references from them or ask if you can contact any past patients. Sometimes they may have patients that have said it is okay for them to be contacted. It can’t hurt to ask.

Good luck. I hope it all works out okay.

My girlfriend got it done. She shopped around and was VERY happy with it. She was very large in the boob dept. She went from like a FF? to like a C. She had extreme back pain. Her plastic surgeon was able to get the surgery covered by insurance. I would see if you could as well. i believe you have to go down at least two cup sizes to get covered and have some issues, ie back pain or breathing issues. She has had minimal scarring and was back to work the next week. good luck!!

Seconded. This is really ture with any surgery, but plastic surgery of any kind is (obviously) visible. I am young and small-chested (I wear B bras, but truthfully, I am probably still an A) so I have thought seriously about having implants done. I realize that the two procedures are different, but I think that there are special ways to have either of them done so as to reduce scarring. For example, from my understanding, there are two different kinds of implants you can get, and 3 different ways of inserting them (a traditional, under breast cut, through one’s nipple, and arthroscopically via the belly button–which creates the least amount of visible scarring).

I know next to nothing about reductions, but I’m willing to bet that the same is true for different ways of having it done, so [U]definitely[/U] shop around.

Oh boy…I would love to be a B or maybe even an A. Small breasted women can wear padded bras, large breasted women have NO options. My shoulders are killing me as I type this. I’m really “only” a DD or maybe D, but would probably try to go down to at least a C if I could. I’ve already lost 20 lbs and under 130 lbs now, but it hasn’t helped upstairs. Arrggg. :doh:

I tease the hubby all the time that he better get a good job and start saving now b/c after I have children he’s paying for a tummy tuck and a boob lift.

My cousin had a breast reduction and I believe ins paid a major portion of it b/c of back pain and difficulty with ADL’s. She has very little scarring and is known to walk around braless in tank tops exclaiming “I love my new boobs - do you love my new boobs?” Not really a shy person :wink: Her recovery sounded relatively easy (we were in different states at that time) - she wore a surgical bra for a couple of months. I think she got one small infection that was cleared easily with antibiotics. She is not married and young so she was a little nervous about letting anyone she was dating see them b/c men make stupid comments when they see that someone decreased their boob size - as if it should be illegal. She has since found that as the scars fade (massage daily for months with cocoa butter and vit E) guys really don’t notice and/or don’t care.

ADL’s? :?? Her reaction is hilarious! :lol:

My DD is thinking about having a BR. She is currently wearing a DD bra, but really should go up one more now. I have Kaiser and her doctor has told her that because she is actually a very petite girl the size of her chest is seriously causing problems. She has trouble with her back and breathing and she actually has nerve problems because of them. Plus she can’t exercise because any bounce hurts like heck and there just isn’t a sports bra out there that fits right for her. In any case, Kaiser requires that she take classes before having the surgery done and consult with a number of professionals. They will cover it 100% though.

:slight_smile: ADL’s are ‘activities of daily living’. Like putting on your shoes, or vacuuming, etc.

My dear sweet MIL had [I]a pound and a half[/I] taken off each side. Go heft a pound and a half of hamburger and see what it’s like. She was a much happier person afterward, she didn’t have half inch deep indentations on her shoulders anymore, and the surgeon was so good. He even managed to get her nipples back in the right place, which is supposedly very difficult when taking off a lot. Her back pain went away also, which made us all rejoice for her,she had been just miserable with it, or them, whatever. :slight_smile: My older SIL and I joked that we’d have each happily taken a pound from her.

:noway: :passedout:

I don’t have a pound and half TOGETHER!!! That poor woman!!! She must feel so much better!!

I’m sorry, I’m still talking about her in the present tense. She had her surgery close to twenty five years ago. She died last month, but the difference in her after the surgery was amazing, as she no longer had that horrible back pain. Afterwards, she actually started walking a couple of miles every day and enjoying it.

My friend’s mother had it done and she was very happy with it. She had more scarring on one than the other, but it was not because of the surgery. I can’t remember exactly now, but something happened when she was home that damaged the healing incision or something. Otherwise, her back problems really eased up for her.

Too bad we couldn’t switch places. About 6 or so years ago, I lost alot of weight. I remember when I was with my best friend, looking down at my sweater and saying to her “Losing weight is great, but I sure miss the girls!” I was a comfortable C before, and after the C was quite loose. It was noticeable to me.

What about “facial” surgery??? I have these really ugly “bumps” under my eyes…I visited a derm/plastic surgeon last week… (btw very beautiful Doc from India, with skin like a babies but)after the b–ch session about SUNSCREEN, AND HOW TO USE IT!!! THEN PRESCRIBING, BOTOX, FILLER, AND LOTS OF LASER WORK!!! She informed me that these “bumps” aren’t removable, they are growths:ick:…so after a $5000.00 “estimate” I decided (since “she” can’t get rid of em and my self esteem has been “tarnished”) I better go to therapy and get to “like” what I see in the mirror!!! OR DR. RAE 90210, are you knitting with us???

There is a Ravelry group called the Bustline that may have more info for you! Ladies with DD, F, even H sizes with good places to get bras, and I’m sure many of them have at least considered surgery.
(Personally, I don’t have any info… I belong to the Rav group Itty Bitty Titty Committee…) :rofl:

Wow, thanks everyone for your input! I do have a personal recommendation for the Doc I’ll be seeing. A friend from a few years ago that I have lost touch with used him and was very pleased. I should probably try to find her to see if she is still happy long-term.
I don’t know yet if the insurance might cover it for me. I’m not a petite girl, so that’s not an issue. I am overweight, but hope that with a reduction I will feel like exercising more. I have lost around 30 pounds and have kept it off for a while. I’ve pretty much quit trying, though. I’m hopeful that a change like this would kick-start me back to exercising. I am currently an “F” cup, which is the equivalent of a “DDD” (I like to say I am now appearing in 3-D) :slight_smile: I would love to be a “C” cup. I do have the “groovy” shoulders, and have recently been noticing upper back, shoulder and neck pain. My posture is really suffering, too.
Anyway, thanks everyone for sharing what you know, and multiple consults is probably very good advice. I would still like to hear from someone who has personally undergone this, too!
Debkcs - so sorry to hear of your MIL’s passing. I had an angel of an MIL that we lost in 2001. I know how hard that can be.

:rofl: :rofl: I should join!! That is where I belong when I take them off at night!! :rofl: :rofl:

Thank you, Sharly.

Thanks Laika - can you view ravelry if you aren’t a member? If so, I’ll try to check it out…

Deb - you are welcome.