Ladies knitted hat?

I am looking for a hat, kind of a beanie a woman was wearing…she said she thought it was from twinkle…something like that…it had 2 yarn overs in the pattern and knit 2 together…very nice hat…if anyone has any pattern like it…thank you

Wenlan Chia is a designer who has several books: Twinkle’s Big City Knits, Twinkle’s Weekend Knits, plus a few others; so I presume that is the designer she means.

If you join, you can seach for her designs and see a lot of them. You can check your library to see if they have any of the books. You could even google her by name, maybe she has her own website and you can see more of her designs.

The little I looked, I didn’t see any of her hats that looked lacy, which Ii presume the yarn overs would make it lacy.

Another thought - once you’ve joined ravelry, you can search for lacy beanie hats, maybe you’ll find something similar that way.

Thank you for replying but when i tried to join ravelry they said no…also the hat wasnt lacey it had a stitch crossed over 2 knit stitches…but she said it was yarn over but i didnt see any holes at all…just a long stitch crossing over 2 knit stitches but i really loved the hat…

I googled Twinkle and they don’t sell patterns on the website, just yarn. There are 2 books of patterns that I came up with and they are available on Amazon or you could check your library for them.

Twinkle’s Big City Knits

Twinkle’s Weekend Knits

I don’t think you can get patterns separately, just in the books.

Check your library for the Twinkle book’s. If they don’t carry them they will request other libraries for them on a loan at no cost to you. Great system if you only want just one pattern.