Ladders on knitted socks

How ca
How can I avoid avoid ladders when working with dpns?

I move my needles around a few stitches every so often. Say knit 5 extra onto one, then the next and so on until I get around.
I pick at the ones that are there to slide the stitches on either side over.
Those are to make them not look so bad.

To avoid them I’ve heard knitting loose. That hasn’t worked so good for me. They can be less noticeable because they’re all loose then but I can still get a ladder.
I keep the ones at the end of the needle tight, especially that last stitch from the round before that likes to hang from the weight of the sock, by holding on to the sock as best as I can or keeping the weight in my lap. Then I stretch the first stitches from the round before at the beginning of the needle as I’m knitting into them. I stop stretching them at random numbers so I’m not creating a ladder elsewhere.

They happen between the weight pulling that last stitch loose and the flexing between the needles tugging all the looseness between stitches to that one spot. My thought is by pulling those stitches from the finished round over that row is no longer getting tugged. It works for me when I think to do it.

I use my little fingers to hold the needles together as I go around so they don’t stretch apart. It seems to help. Mostly it just takes practice to get your tension worked out.

Thank you for your reply.It is helpful. :wink:

Thank you Jan,. The topic has appeared before in the forum and I definitely found a way to avoid making ladders. Your help is appreciated.

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