Ladders around stitch markers

I tend to knit rather tightly, so markers tend to really affect my tension around the stitches in question and often create ladders when I carry the markers up for some rows. Any tips/tricks to reduce this effect?

Would it help to use very small markers? If so, does anyone know where I could purchase them?


I’ve never had this problem, but tight knitting is not something I do. :slight_smile: I would think small markers (in thickness) might help. A thought…when my husband was knitting hats he tried a lot of things as markers and his favorite were markers made of embroidery floss. He made large loops of it (probably an inch or more across the circle). He thought he could get these out of his way the easiest and that they slid from needle to needle easily. The embroidery floss is thin and may be something to try.

Try these. They’re my favorites because they’re so thin they don’t affect the knitting, and they slip easily from one needle to the other easily. And, they’re small enough that they don’t distract you from your knitting.

Just a loop of contrasing color yarn works well, too.

I use loops of yarn too, sometimes, because the right marker is lost. They work great, as well.

I have this problem, too. I have found that instead of trying to knit the following st tighter, you k or p it normally then give a little pull on your working yarn to snug it up. Just remember that if it’s a k, pull away from you and if a p, pull toward you.

Thank you all! I’ll try the embroidery floss/contrasting yarn bit first, and I’ll check out the ones that Contiknitter suggested. Really it’s mostly helpful to find out that I’m not doing something wrong/weird that’s causing the problem.

I use wafer thin markers from walmart and they work fine, but a pater clip is really thin and works well too:)

Okay, I’ve officially found the best stitch markers ever–The Jump Rings from KnitPicks. Just plain, thin metal loops. Love them.