Lacy yarn edge on baby blanket

I finally found exactly the pattern I wanted to knit for a baby blanket. However, it has about 6-10 inces of very lacy looking knit work. It still uses the same #3 needle as it does for the st stitch. I have done cables, and arans, etc. in the past, but am a little hesitant to start with this–but, still my heart is set on something like this for the new baby. Any comments or thoughts about this kind of knitting stitch will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Knitting lacy things is just like other knitting. The same stitches apply basically. You usually use a lot of yarn overs and things, but just follow the instructions and it should work. It may be tricky if it has mitered corners or something odd about the corners that it doesn’t give exact directions for. Read through it and see if you know how to do all the things it asks for and if it makes sense. If you don’t know how to do each thing it calls for, learn that before you start and then plunge in. You can always come here to ask questions if you get into trouble. It sounds like you have quite a bit of experience with stitch patterns. You should probably be able to handle it.

Lace is increases and decreases in the form of YOs and k2tog/ssk/skp or double decreases. You just take it stitch by stitch like other patterns and it works out.

I’ve not done cables or anything all that fancy, but I did just finished a Fan & Feather type of baby blanket for my new niece. It wasn’t as hard as I thought – you just have to work through all those yarn overs and such but once you do it is like any other pattern. And it looks SO PRETTY when you are done.

Thanks everyone!

Not to put a damper on your project–it sounds beautiful!..but I would hesitate to put lace on a baby blanket. if the baby were to get fingers twisted in the openwork pattern, circulation could be cut off. If the Mom or Dad didn’t notice quickly, permanent damage could be done.