Lacy Top Slipper Sock

I’ll have to speed up my knitting, but with a little luck I just might get the mate to this slipper sock done before Christmas.:knitting:

I worked up the sock cuff using the Horseshoe Lace stitch from “The Knitter’s Bible”; the sock body is from a pattern (very well written) by Lisa Dozier. I used Red Heart Knitting Worsted and No. 5 needles.

Sock experts, please be kind. It’s been 20+ years since I’ve done any sock knitting, except for teensy tree ornaments. :oops:

Oh, that’s really cute!!!

Nathalie, thanks! Here’s where I am with Sock No. 2 Wish me luck! :slight_smile:

Hey, those are really cute! I’ve got 2 pair of mittens to finish, myself.

Very cute!!

They’re beautiful! :heart:

Wow, that’s a great sock with a lovely cuff. Your knitting is still beautiful, too. You’ll make the other one in time. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Looks great. I love the feminine cuff.

Thanks, everybody! I’m into the blue on Sock No. 2 and am pretty sure now that I’ll make it in time to get the pair wrapped.:slight_smile: If my dear d-i-l will agree to let me shoot a pic of her feet in the socks, I will post it.:slight_smile:

Beautiful!! She’ll love them!

They look great.

I think it looks great :thumbsup:

It’s beautiful! I love the cuff.

Great looking sock-slipper. You did a great job. :cheering: Beautiful color blue. I like the lace cuff:yay:.

:inlove: love the cuff, you did a great job!!

Wow, that is gorgeous!

Fantastic looking slipper socks!!! You are doing a marvelous job. Your DIL should just love these!!!

Sooo pretty!! I am not brave enough yet to try to make my own cuffs lol


I love it ! It looks great . I have not done socks myself yet but i hope to one day . Especially as yours look so nice :slight_smile:

Looks great Cindy!