Lacy Thong

Everybody together now, :note: She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck . . .

Thongs, the new socks? They’re quick, affordable, no seaming, portable, and if you impressed people in public with your two-circ, ML, or dpns, think what an impression you’ll make when you pull this out of your knitting bag!

Very quick, I used some 50% mohair 50% acrylic yarn from Lang Yarns, but I can’t remember which. I definitely have enough leftover for another, so a 50gram ball will get you two. I used the pattern at Interweave Knits:

I don’t have the ribbon yet, but one day. Oh, and I’m definitely going to wear it.

:roflhard: Glad it’s gonna get used! :eyebrow:

That came out REALLY nice! I’ve been thinking of making one, now I think I will since yours came out so great :happydance:

That, my dear, is fabulous! I love it! Great job.

Quite ingenious! I love it. Very lovely work.

OMG~!!! I just don’t know WHAT to say… :shrug:
It is a very beautiful knitted project … are you going to line it with something for comfort’s sake??? :teehee: :teehee:

As lacy as that is, I’m not sure that comfort is really an issue. It probably isn’t meant to be worn for very long, if you know what I mean. :teehee:

That looks great! I’ve got a host of things I want to knit out of the new Interweave and that thong is one of them. I’m glad to see how nice it came out.

I’m not a thong girl myself, but one of my cousins is. I’ll be making the thong for her next thong party. Yes that’s right, this girl has thong parties :doh: :teehee: .

Soooo, I’m wearing them now. :aww: And they are really comfortable, actually much more so than my other draw’rs of similar style. Actually, I’ve been wearing them since 10 min after I took that pic, and they wear pretty comfortably. They’re, um, light as air. :teehee: Really. Some folks do wear such pretty panties as actual undergarments for a whole day for our own enjoyment and not just to show someone for 5 minutes :flirt: Who am I showing, anyway? :doh: :rofl:

Oh, I know what you’re thinking: :eyes: But really, why not?

I’m invited, right? :teehee: Since you’re going to make them, maybe I can pass on a few bits of info? The non-elasticity of regular bind off is slightly problematic, not once you are actually wearing them (assuming you made them the right size), but just when you’re pulling them over your rear. I bound off in rib, But should I do it again, I think I’d try the kitchener bind off and def go up a needle size. After binding off the last stitch is put on a crochet hook and a picot edging is worked. I held some elastic under the crochet round and weaved it in, which I think/hope is a good idea to make sure they keep their elastic.

I’m telling you guys, they are not uncomfortable at all, though the more practical-minded might want to make this in a machine wash yarn. But hey, I have non-machine wash sock yarn, so why not? *eyeing sock yarn, wondering if it would make nice panties . . . *

OMG, I think I have to knit one! Yours is beautiful!

:thinking: Wonder what my dh of 37 yrs will think when I spring this on him! :eyebrow:

Thanks for the tips mwedzi :thumbsup:
Even for my tomboy girl self I must admit, the thong parties are a hell of a time…and pretty panties can brighten a grumpy day :teehee:

Oh and Petals? I believe I can make an accurate prediction of your dh’s reaction.


OMG~!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

wow! :cheering: those are some seriously pretty panties! great job!

mohair? down there? eek… :teehee: I know I couldn’t handle it. The thong is gorgeous, though…

Thank you. :slight_smile: But I think you might be surprised. Um, I won’t reveal any more . . . :slight_smile: [size=2]but feel free to PM for the Secrets of the Knit Thong.[/size]

I know I said this once before but

OMG~!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Those are georgous! I love the lace! How long did it take you to knit that piece?

:heart: :cheering:

Thank you. :slight_smile: It is, in fact, the fastest thing I have ever knit. Maybe 2-3 hours, and probably only that long cuz I kept getting up (short attention span) and I had some momentary confusion when it came to making the band.

That’s just sweet! I would love to make one. :heart: Do you have the pattern for it? :wink: