Lacy Summer Purse - FO

Remember the nice gift my piano student gave me when I got back from having my surgery? (The VERY NICE Knitting Project Tote)

I’ve decided to make a cute lacy purse for her as a gift to say thank you. I’m using Berroco Cotton Twist yarn.

That will be so pretty! She’ll love it!

Looks great so far - what a nice way to say thanks!

How nice! It’s beautiful!

Wow, what a thank-you!! I bet people love to give you gifts!!

What a cool thank you! I’m sure she’ll love it.

I love that color!

:smiley: You are so sweet, she will love it.

What a sweet idea. I’m sure she’ll love it!

What a lovely purse!! I think she’ll :heart: it!

That’ll be awesome–make sure you post the FO!!

Oooh that is pretty. I would also love to see it when you are finished. :smiley:

That looks great, and thanks for sharing the pattern… I think I know what I’ll be using my leftover Lustersheen for now! :wink:

That looks very pretty! :thumbsup:

That’s beautiful–and I love that color, too!! :thumbsup:

Here’s the finished purse! It was so much fun to make, and turned out so pretty. I changed the pattern, of course. When have you guys ever seen me make something exactly as the pattern says? I think I’m a rebel.

The pattern calls for 3 repeats of the 8 row lace pattern, but I felt like it needed another set, so I did 4 repeats. Also, the eyelet row pattern was really complicated, and I thought it was just stupid to do something so demanding for a row that was going to be gathered and tied anyway. I just did YO, K2tog for that row, and it turned out just fine.

That turned out better than fine, it is PERFECT! And so CUTE! :cheering: How sweet of you to knit it for a gift!

Red, it’s gorgeous!! :inlove: What a sweet gift!

:smiley: It’s lovely…I love, love the pink :wink: LOL, I don’t think u r alone in changing a pattern around; we all do it :wink: it’s the creative gene in us all :smiley: