Lacy Stole knitting jargon help

I’ve only ever completed a simple knitted blanket and was recently told that The Lacy Stole by Louet (can be found on would be a good easy project for me. I’m looking at the pattern and do not understand the jargon. Can someone pls explain the following:
"…6 times 18 sts" for anybody looking for it… and it’s a paid pattern, so we’ll likely need a bit more of the instructions to help.

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Where in the pattern is this? If it is instruction for a row please post the entire row; if it is elsewhere an entire sentence or two, something to place it in context would help a lot. Including the pattern name is great, thank you so much for that.

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If I’m looking at the right pattern, it’s available for free if you can log into KnittingDaily.
I see the pattern row which is feather and fan pattern and takes 18sts to complete (see row 3 section between the asterisks) but not specific direction to repeat something 6 times for 18sts. Am I looking at an older version of the pattern?

[B][COLOR=“Red”]L :heart: OVE[/COLOR] [/B]your link, thanks.

I’m not seeing it either. At first I thought one of the pics on Ravelry was a triangle but looked closer and it isn’t. Maybe it’s not the same pattern. :shrug:

the one on ravelry is the only one by louet that has ‘lacey’ or ‘lacy’ in the title and fits the general criteria. the pictures look the same, so i’m thinking there’s a misprint in one of the versions.

Pattern is 18 sts by 4 rows.
cast on 112 sts (2 edge sts on each side and 6 times 18 sts).
Knit 3 rows garter stitch.

Prep Row:
P2, knit across, P2.

Feather and fan Pattern:
1st row: knit
2nd row: Purl
3rd Row: K2 *(K2tog) 3 times, (Yo, K1) 6 times, (K2tog) 3 times, repeat from * 5 times, K2
4th Row: P2, Knit across, P2

Repeat these pattern rows until desired length is reached.
Knit 3 rows garter stitch.
Cast off loosely.

Thanks for your help!

Hi, thanks for your help. Here’s the complete info :

Instructions: Pattern is 18 sts by 4 rows.
Cast on 112 sts (2 edge sts on each side and 6 times 18 sts).
Knit 3 rows garter stitch.

Hi Carrie, Thanks for the clarification. Yes, it’s telling you the repeat between the asterisks is 18sts and there are 2 edge sts on each side. This could help you out if you wanted to increase or decrease the width of the shawl.

Could you help us out please and edit post 8 to remove most of the pattern? Even though it’s a free pattern we can’t reprint the whole thing here.