Lacy Spider Pattern Search

Mom came over Saturday and was parusing online. She used to have a shawl pattern that she described as having a spider type stitch cluster. We looked on Ravelry and did a search but she said none of the ones I pulled up were it. Wonder if any of you might know what she’s talking about. Info would be greatly appreciated. She said that you do several chains and then reach down, gathering them all up and lock them in the center.

Is this what you’re looking for?

I’ll bet that IS it!!! Thank you so much and I’ll save this info and pass it on to her!!!

My guess was some usage of the Solomon’s Knot, but that filet crochet [B][U]Spider Lace Shawl[/U][/B] pattern looks nice.

Yeah, I like it a lot. And the way the squares are executed is cool too.