Lacy Shrug baby

In the July 2006 Creative Knitting Magazine I found this adorable shrug, but am a bit scared to do it by myself. There are a lot of directions I havent run into before.

Anyone else want to knit this little cutie?

[size=6]I’m in!!! :cheering: :cheering: [/size]

Love the patter.
Have the agazine.

Now if I have enough of a suitable yarn in my stash I’m in too!!

Jamadia, I hope you can find some! It would be great to do this with you!

And Jackie! Hi! Eeeeee, this is my first real KAL, so if there are any rules LOL let me know.

Alrighty! Here are the specs for those who may want to stash or otherwise shop. The little diagram of the yarn says 2. Fine.

Size 12 months and (18 months

Chest 20 1/2 (23) inches

Materials Baby weight cotton blend yarn*(150 yds/1 1/2 oz per ball):2 (3) balls

Size 3 (3.25 mm) Straight and 2 double-pointed needles or size needed to obtain gauge (I thought this sounded funny.)

Size E/4/3.5mm crochet hook

Stitch Markers

Stitch Holders

*Sample project knitted withSenso Denim (60 percent cotton/40 percent acrylic microfiber) fom DMC

Gauge 40 sts and 36 rows = 4 inches/10cm in k1 p1

OMG I got some Classic Cotton for this project and I think its gona be too thick! AH, swatch time. Ok I’m off to find needles.


Since I’ll be making the 18mo size (450 yd), I ordered KnitPicks Shine in Hydrangea. With shipping, about $12! Usually I get my orders from KnitPicks in 3-5 days. I don’t think I have size 3 needles, so I’ll be getting those when I buy the magazine.

This should be fun!! :happydance:

Oh thats gona be pretty Jackie! I’m doing mine in Tahki Classic Cotton, Mauve.

OK, I got the magazine and needles today! :smiley: Now I have to wait for the yarn…

If you haven’t used it before, I think you’re really going to like this yarn. It has a natural sheen to it that I really liked for a jumper I made. Slides off the needles quickly too, but use something you know won’t make it prone to splitting (typical cotton) - maybe Addi’s or other metal?

Love to see a picture of your yarn colors ladies!
I still haven’t decided :rollseyes:

I’m so excited! Eeeee!

Cool Jackie! This is so cool!

J, What yarn did you find? What are your choices? Yes I am so in love with this yarn. My camera is on vacation with Dh and the kids! So I’ll have to post a picture of it when he gets back. Isnt that sweet of him? He took them camping and I get to straighten out and sew and knit to my hearts content! Woohoo!

I just finished a baby sun hat with the Classic Cotton, Oh I :heart: it! And yes! LOL I will use my addis’Gotta love them, I only have three addis and thank goodness one is a size three!

My dh is coming back tommorrow with the wrecking crew so I’m gona go do a little more last minute dejunking!

Thought I should give an update:

Well, I’m still waiting on my yarn to arrive. There’s been a glitch in the delivery. :rollseyes: When my husband submitted our change of address form online 2 weeks ago to the USPS, our mail delivery stopped immediately rather than on the date he gave. For several days we didn’t receive our mail and had to contact our local post office to resolve this problem. Since I ordered my yarn while not receiving mail, my yarn got lost. KnitPicks has been really nice about handling this situation. If my yarn is not at my new address, they will send another shipment! :cheering:

WOW hooray for Knitpicks!!!

Great to hear that they’re going to resolve it either way.
Waiting for yarn must be one of life’s greatest tests of patience.

There is a complete yarn embargo in force at my house, so I’ll definitely have to knit this from my stash, which means I’ll likely have to do this in cotton or acrylic - not too crazy about either option, but this is too cute to pass up.

When I’m back home I’ll let you know what I’ve picked.

Sorry you are having to wait for that yarn Jackie. Bummer.

Knit Picks is so cool though. I really like them.

And oh yeah, “yarn embargo” HA! I just looked at my budget! yikes! I have got to knit through these projects I’ve got stacked up. I’ve been barely lookin at whatcha knittin as I cannot be tempted to buy another book or yarn anytime soon. I told dh (not that he asked) that I wouldnt buy any yarn till September. I must have spent right under 200 hundred for my birthday. That should keep me busy for at least till September (ha!) But it is also making me appreciate it all a little more.

Anyway here is the last pic of my “arm”.

Oh that yarn looks PERFECT for the stitch pattern! :cheering:

hehehe I am loving it. Once I got past the first three inches, its been like crack. I cant put the thing down! I am loving it!


Oh my! :rofling: It looks like a fun lace pattern - can’t wait to start!

The movers arrived this morning to unload our belongings into our house. So, we’ll be busy with unpacking today. I’m going to check the mail later and see if my yarn is there. If not, I’ll call KnitPicks again and tell them.

I’m knitting Julia a little washcloth to take to camp. And the baby has decided that she wants to be held a whole lot. And considering she is the last one, well, Im holding her a lot these days. So not alot of knitting going on. The pattern is fun and so far I am getting it.

Glad to hear the moving is going well Jackie.

Hi ladies!!

Just checking in! I still have not found a suitable yarn in my stash. The only thing close I have is black Sirdar DK yarn, but black on a baby shrug?? I dunno. What do you guys think?

It’s a good thing this shrug can also be worn in the fall because that’s about the time I will receive my yarn!

Just kidding… :rofling: although it has been 27 days since I placed my order. The latest update? The second order was sent on July 17th and unfortunately was incorrectly sent to my old NC address even though I updated my address over the phone. It’s in Charlotte right now. Hopefully, since we’ve been receiving forwarded mail for several days now, my yarn order will also be forwarded back to Ohio. I don’t live too far from Grove City from which the yarn orders get sent. So, if I don’t get this order, maybe I can pick up my yarn in person!

I have been knitting despite how busy I’ve been with the move and seeing relatives. I finished the sleeves and the bottom of my Sunset Pullover, and I made a little progress on Calla. When I get a chance, I’ll have to update my blog… :wink: