Lacy Rib Baby Socks

Another quick little project…to accompany the baby hat I just made.



This little set will be going to Knit for Hope.


The pattern is free and located here (direct download) or here (browse the designer’s other patterns). The pattern is fabulous. You probably can’t see, from the pictures above, the lacy pattern, but it is simply adorable. I’m seriously considering converting this pattern into an adult-size pair. It was easy to memorize and flew off of my needles.

I used 25 grams of yarn on size 4 needles, pretty much finishing up my skein.


The yarn is Plymouth Dreambaby DK, color #205. Here’s what I had left…


Yeah, it was a nail biter, let me tell you. I have a postage scale and knew I would be cutting it close. I knit the second sock a little tighter to try to save yarn. I think this helped. I had less than five grams left at the end.

All-in-all, things worked out just fine.

Thanks for looking!!:muah:

Too cute!

Aww, those are adorable!

I love everything about these darling things, right down to the yarn colorway!!!

So darling! I want to try those socks. I’ve never taken the plunge and tried socks so this may be the day.

Thanks y’all for the kind comments!!! :muah:

I highly recommend making a pair of baby socks as a first sock project. Everything is in miniature, and you won’t feel overwhelmed.

I’ve done quite a few pairs of socks, so these were a piece of cake and such a fast knit compared to the others I knit.

Those all turned out so precious. I love that kind of yarn.

I have a postage scale that I use for knitting too. Nice to have.

They’re perfect!! Love the pattern and colorway!

Very cute.

Very sweet - what a great set :slight_smile:

Eek! I would’ve been freaking out about the possibility of running out of yarn. But when the socks turn out so cute, it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

That’s an adorable set!

So cute!