Lacy Manos del Uruguay scarf?

Hi all,

I have one hank of lovely variegated Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend. I’d planned to knit a scarf version of Cozy
(thanks for the help with stitch count!) but now that it’s OTN I’m not sure it’s doing justice to the lace pattern or colorway.

I’d really like to try my hand at some lace and want a fairly non-bulky scarf, so I started considering these patterns instead because they’re a little more “solid”…

I know the second one was knitted with chunky but I’m guessing the pattern would work ok with a fine yarn like Manos.

Any opinions? (I’ve see the So Called Scarf and I’m gonna save that for another day, even though I’ve seen the lovely results that you all got!) I’m pretty new at playing with nice yarn so I have a hard time imagining how these gorgeous variegated yarns will end up looking when knit up. :think:

Now I have to go study and stop thinking about yarn for a while. :pout:


This is my first posting so I hope I do this correctly :slight_smile:
I have a pattern which I have been working on called
Caryl’s Kerchief. I am using a Berroco wool/silk but can’t remember the name. I am not sure if pattern trading is allowed but it was available at a yarn shop near my house. It is a leaflette so it was not very expensive. I used 1 skein for the kerchief size but think the pattern itself might be pretty as a thin scarf, maybe with scrap/accent if needed.

I found a pattern that’s working great. Started knitting it up and the Manos looks awesome. Can’t wait to block it so all the YOs straighten out.


Oh my goodness Heidi!! That scarf is going to be stunning!!!

That is just…gorgeous. It looks so sinfully luxurious!

What beautiful yarn OMGosh!!! I love it! I WANT it!!LOL Where oh Where did you get it?cloud9 and that pattern its going to be devine!!!

Thanks all! I found the Manos at the LYS during a “I swear I’m not gonna buy anything” trip… just went to lovingly squish all types of pricey yarns. I had some other silk blend in my hand (of course I’m gonna buy… who am I kidding?), but spotted this from across the room. The jewel tones made it love at first sight. I’m about halfway done with the scarf and just love everything about it. :inlove: I might have to buy another hank so I can make it longer. I’m even a little bit happy about the recent snowstorm, because maybe I’ll finish it before it gets too warm. ??? :ick: I think I’ve lost it. lol


I love that pattern! Can’t wait to see the final results!