Lacy chunky throw

Has anyone made this from the classic elite pattern. I bought the yarn and dont like row 2 and was wondering if other stitches would work to give it a lacy pattern. Row 1 is k2tog, yo and Row 2 is Sl 1 purlwise, p1,passsl st ver, yo.
Thank you

Variations on that pattern.

Keep your first row the same;

choose one of the below for your second row:


p2tog tbl, yo

k2tog, YO

k2tog tbl, YO

Try this.

row 1) k2tog tble, YO
row 2) p2tog, YO

This last suggestion is virtually the same as the original.

Thank you very much. What is tble? Through back loop??

He added an extra letter by mistake - should be tbl.