Lacy caftan

Hi, can anyone help me plz.
I’m working on a project and I stopped at this,
I worked the band quite well but at the body I couldn’t continue it says " with the RS of band facing, turn piece clock wise so that the left side of band is on top (how???).
Pick up and knit 122 sts across at aa rate of approx 6sts every 10 rows as follows:1st [every 2 rows] 4 time, 1 st in next 2 rows, rep from across. (is that mean that I’ll be working from left to right??? And how).

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rainbow. Once you’ve knit the band, with right side facing you, rotate it so the top is now the right side and the left side is now the top. Your rows will now be running vertically. You’ll now pick up the edge stitches as specified. * Pick up and knit every other edge stitch 4 times. Then pick up and knit the next two edge stitches. Repeat from * all the way across the top (which was formerly your left side).
You’ll still be knitting right to left.
So… pick up and knit the 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 (edge) stitches. Then the 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18 edge stitches. And so on until you’ve knit the entire side. Make sense? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Like this?

It’s hard to tell from your picture (photo upside down?). I take it where the needle is connected (bottom right corner) is where you just picked up/knit the side yes? If so, then check that you have 122 sts across the edge.

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OK I’ll be working on purl bump sts vertically, correct?

For that first pass along the left edge, you’ll be picking up the edge stitches in whatever way makes the most sense.
Here’s a video about picking up along either edge (if anyoneknows of a bettervideo, please feel free to jump in here :grinning:):

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Thank you so much.

But I worked it on the purl bump and it looks nice with me and counted well.

Again thank u, u saved me :sweat_smile:

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Hi again, I have finished the body and I want to do the edging which some how confusing :slightly_smiling_face:
The pattern inducates"with RS facing, turn the piece clockwise. Pickup and knit evenly across side edge at a rate 3 sts for every 4 rows across Elongated Garter St fabric and 1 st in every shoulder band st.


What part do you find confusing? Is it where to put your needle in the elongated stitches, or how to pick up at the right ratio?

Lovely colour!

Both and another question is that mean working each side alone?

Can you put up a photo or link that shows the finished item, or give us the name of the pattern and designer/company that published it?

Picking up 3 in 4 means you pick up one stitch in the first row, one in the second row, one in the third row, then skip the fourth row.

I am not sure how this will work with the elongated stitch. Maybe test on your swatch?

I agree, knowing the name and designer of the pattern will help.
Usually, you skip the elongated stitch since there’s only a yarn strand which isn’t useful to pick up a stitch in. You can strand the working yarn along this elongated stitch. Seeing a photo of the finished caftan will help.

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Uploading: 16325899203624750000137217467074.jpg…

Cool pattern! So the pick up is making that nice garter edging up the sides.

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The confusing is I made edging at a side up when finishing the upper part before starting the body so if I start from that side down to up I’ll be working on it.

Don’t know how to express my point. :slightly_smiling_face:

And will I be working edging every side alone?

Changed my reply:

It does say to pick up in the shoulder band (that you did previously).

So the pattern writer is acknowleding that there is already part of a band there.

I think you are on track to follow the instructions :slight_smile:

If you can, please post a photo of your work showing the whole piece lying flat. Then someone else can confirm what you should do.

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Hi, could anyone help me how to pick up and knit across Elongated Garter St?

It looks like the designer has sts picked up in the elongated strand. I’d count the number of solid rows (including the lace top border?) and then see how many sts would need to be picked up in the elongated strand. The picked up stitch in that strand is going to seem loose at first but will probably firm up as you knit a couple of edging rows.
Is it 122sts that need to be picked up here?

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