Lacy Baby Shrug FO

Per the pattern, I have completed the lacy baby shrug from the July 2006 Creative Knitting Magazine. :happydance: However, I would like to add a crochet edge to the bottom back to compensate for the tugging in of the 3-needle BO seam that runs down the center.

The shrug is too big totally due to the fact that I ignored the pattern gauge… The pattern says “baby weight cotton blend yarn” and uses US 3 needles. So I assumed :doh: that meant a light sport/heavy fingering weight yarn and therefore bought Shine Sport from Knit Picks. However, the pattern gauge reads 10 spi. Looking back, it makes sense that a lighter weight yarn should’ve been used because there’s a lot of 1x1 rib. I made the 18 months size, but it turned out to fit a two- to possibly four-year-old.

At first, I thought that I might give this shrug to an older child. But, now I’m not so sure because it took forever to make the ruffle, and it looks too darn cute on Marie!

Adorable!! Both the baby and the shrug. :heart: :heart:

Job well done! :cheering: and Marie is such a darling!


Adorable! So it’s a little big – she won’t outgrow it as fast. See, it’s like you planned it that way all along!


I love it! You can send it to my daughter of you want to :muah:

Too cute :cheering:

That really is adorable. I’ve thought of making that pattern since buying that issue of Creative Knitting. I’d planned on using a sport/dk weight as well, so I’m glad you shared this.

What would a good light weight baby cotton blend yarn be? Any suggestions? :??

I would just make sure that the yarn gauge is somewhat close to the 10 spi. The pattern says 40 sts per 4 in. From looking at yarn standards, this would be lace weight. However, if I were to ever make a second one, I’d go for some fingering weight yarn. As for specific cotton blends, I’m not sure… :?? I’m one of those who has made all baby stuff using cheap yarns from Michael’s and AC Moore, both of whom don’t carry any baby yarns that are lighter than sportweight. Hopefully, someone else reading this thread will have suggestions of nicer yarns. :wink:

OMGosh, that’s too cute. I do beleive your little bug is getting cuter and cuter with each of your FOs. :slight_smile:

Thanks, JackieF. :smiley:

I like it … you did a great job! :cheering:

Here’s a couple of yarns I found online:

  1. Siena by Jaeger
  2. Austermann Pharao
  3. Rowan 4-ply cotton
  4. Katia’s “Mississipi 3 Print”

Adorable!!!Marie!!!and the shrug!!! You have done such a great job!!! :hug:

You are such a trooper Jackie! Thanks for finding all the land mines on that pattern. And I agree Marie gets cuter every time I see her. She is such a darling.

oops, edited to say the fo is so much prettier then the one in the magazine. You are awesome!

so cute…

Thanks again, Jackie! :cheering: